Posterior capsular opacification

Is your sight deteriorating again after cataract surgery? The cause may be a posterior capsular opacification. This is a change of the inner lens capsule, which can appear post-op. As any other surgery, side or aftereffects are not ruled out. This opacification affects 30-50% of the patients.

The surgery replaces the opaque lens with an artificial one, the thin capsule, which encloses the lens, remains in the eye. In the first few weeks or months the remaining lens material may grow in and cause the new posterior capsular opacification.


The symptoms resemble those of the cataract: painless, milky, foggy sight as well as lightsensitivity after a cataract surgery point to a posterior capsular opacification. Other indicators are changes in meassurements for glasses.

Treatment of a posterior capsular opacification

The opacification is treated upon the patient feeling limited by it or the focus is seriously reduced. The laser treatment (YAG-Capsulometry) occurs ambulant. The clouded posterior capsule is opened by the laser to facilitate clear sight. The operation only lasts a few minutes and is painless, complications are rare. Some patients experience raised intraocular pressure that leads to reddening and pain in the eye in the hours after the surgery. After treatment the sight should be clear and opacification should not occur.


Posterior capsular opacification appears after a cataract surgery. This can be treated ambulant with a laser therapy and rules out any other intervention. Has your sight declined since your cataract surgery? We examine and advise you with pleasure at Augen Zentrum Dietikon.