Welcome to the Eye Center Dietikon

Our practice is in the Heart of Dietikon. Doctor Gigers former praxis was taken over by doctor Ciechanowski in 2019. Both linked years of experience and innovation to give you high-quality eye control in all specialties, advice, explanations, surgical care, and answers to your very own questions.

In 2018 we expanded our team with doctor Christian Böni, since 2019 doctor Sonja Frimmel and since 2020 doctor Jennifer Robinson and doctor Hommayda, since 2022 doctor Grandjean is part of our team as well.

We care about a constant and professional environment in which we take our time for your concerns and questions.

Our exceptional network enables your optimal treatments: emergencies, surgeries, cataract, glaucoma, macula degeneration and therapy, uveitis, cornea, lid surgery and all ophthalmological areas.

We accept new patients currently and are looking forward to welcome you.


Peter Paul Ciechanowski, Christian Böni, Sonja Frimmel, Jennifer Robinson, Sufian Hommayda, Vincent Grandjean and our entire team

Our team
Dr. med. univ. Peter Paul Ciechanowski, F.E.B.O. Practice owner, eye doctor and eye surgery FMH Dr. med. Christian Böni, F.E.B.O. Eye doctor and eye surgery FMH PD Dr. med. Sonja Frimmel, F.E.B.O. Eye doctor and eye surgery FMH Dr. med. Jennifer Robinson Eye doctor Dr. med. Sufian Hommayda Dip. doctor, eye doctor FMH, F.E.B.O.
Dr. med. Vincent Grandjean Eye doctor
Dip. doctor Iwona Krzyzanowska Eye doctor, assistant doctor
PD Dr. med. univ. Magdalena Wirth Eye doctor and eye surgery FMH, FEBO
Simone Siegrist Administrative director and optician
Karine Geny, MAS Coordinative Director
Patricia Schweizer Optometrist
Maja Dippner Orthoptist
Dafina Zimeri Optician
Aline Henkes Optician
Celine Sirigu Optician
Jasmine Heer Optician
Semra Hida Practice Assistant
Desirée Miggiano Medical secretary
Melanie Burger Assistance
Amanda Schupp Assistance
Catherine Pisarenko Assistance
Aida Haric Assistance
Sina Rüegg Assistance
Lena Bersorger Assistance
Abisha Baskaran Assistance
Where to find us

Augen Zentrum Dietikon

Kirchstrasse 20
8953 Dietikon

Tel 1: 044 741 06 07
Tel 2: 044 578 17 06

Fax: 044 741 06 33

Opening hours

07.30–12.00 a.m

01:00-05:30 p.m

Saturday & evenings:
as arranged

How to get there

By train

S12, S3, S19, S42, etc. – get off in Dietikon station.

(200m walking distance)

By bus

at the bus station Dietikon.
(150m walking distance)


By car

Garage Migros Löwenzentrum or garage at Kirchgasse 16 next to the Denner. There is a direct access to our premises from the later, the first hour of parking is free.