Refractive surgery

The most advanced therapy to facilitate sharp sight without glasses or contact lenses is the refractive surgery. The laser-based therapy of the eye is scientifically grounded and the most common voluntary surgery. It corrects various common vision disorders.

Vision disorders are caused by incorrect refraction in the eye, of which most are caused by the cornea. Refractive surgery corrects the refraction and moves the position of the focal point precisely onto the retina. This surgery enables sharp vision without optical aid.

Benefits of refractive surgery for patients

Patients gain sharp vision after refractive surgery and are no longer dependent on optical aid like glasses or contact lenses. Swimming, sport in general, or work are possible without concerns regarding glasses or lenses. The risk of infection is very low compared to other kinds of surgery and the process is painless. The decade old therapy is considered to be safe and has had only very few cases of complications. Of which we will inform you in a non-binding consultation.

The process of refractive surgery

The individual process and details are discussed with you in a free personal and non-binding consultation. The therapy starts in general with a first examination to assess all relevant data and possibilities of surgery. Visual acuity, intraocular pressure, the retina, and the overall eye are measured by an ophthalmological examination. This helps decide whether refractive surgery is an adequate therapy for the patient.

Patients must take a few days off in account, even though many details are individual and communicated beforehand. The aftercare is as much part of the therapy as the surgery itself and facilitates healing.